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She is now married to Justin Hopkins, a year-old — you guessed it — American, with whom she has two children. Jenny, who works as a personal trainer, spoke to the Sun about why she dislikes British men so much — and the list is pretty long. They tend to be short and stocky framed, not tall and broad shouldered like the German frame.

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Transatlantic Dating. But other than your different pronunciations of periodic element 13, the two of you are going to be pretty similar… right? I mean, our two great nations have a deep and interwoven history… but things are pretty different across the pond. We Americans may feel we have a better comprehension of what the Brits are like after having watched Four Weddings and a Funeral for the seventeenth time, but there are a plethora of differences, big and small, between dating customs either side of the Atlantic. It might pay to be aware of some of the potential cross-cultural roadblocks to come.

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There's a sort of reverse snobbery at work for British men. Gayden and Eddie met while studying at St Andrews, a american hunting ground for American heiresses. When Consuelo and her pals were sizing up possible British husbands, things were even less subtle. Features Britain's most eligible bachelor, Duke of Roxburghe, is now engaged Prince Harry's army friend is now engaged to Annie Green following his divorce from the Hon.

By Rebecca Cope 08 Feb By Annabel Sampson 15 Apr By Clara Strunck 07 May By Francesca Carington 04 Dec There was men bit of a lull when the highly polished American dating fell out of love with the British male and decided she wanted to stay at home where they had proper bathrooms. And then there's Gayden Metcalfe, a charming Southern belle whose family have been in the Mississippi Delta for women she married British british Eddie Oldham in in a huge ceremony in front of her white clapboard house with hundreds of friends - British and American - looking on.

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There are no entailed estates and the family is very poor,' re his entry. Britain's most eligible bachelor, Duke of Roxburghe, is now engaged. Welcome to Tatler.

Why britain's most eligible bachelors are falling for spruce all-american charms

By Annabel Sampson. By Clara Strunck. Residence: 17 Portland Place, London. He is twenty-four years of age and a lieutenant in the Army. It's always been a special relationship. Gallery Grid. Prince Harry's army friend is now engaged to Annie Green following his divorce from the Hon. Charlotte Aitken in By Rebecca Cope.

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By Francesca Carington. They are not as squeamish as their English sisters and better able to take care of themselves. They say things like "Oh my gaaaahd, you're, like, a lord. When Prince William announced in that he was heading to university there, foreign applications rose by 44 per cent, most from hopeful Yankees. Not all the marriages were happy, but few people minded about that, so long as the Dollar Princesses came with fat dowries, could mend a few roofs and pop out a few heirs.

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Britain has given America its liberty, the English language and Downton Abbey. The hapless British male was, in turn, thrilled all over again at the idea of women with sparkling teeth and considerably more charm than the Sloanes he was used to dating. America, in turn, has sent us hot dogs, Channing Tatum and, historically, some of their richest women to marry impecunious dukes and prop up estates.


This site uses cookies to improve your experience and deliver personalised advertising. One newspaper reported that some 'particularly ambitious' American girls brought wedding dresses with them to campus.

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You can opt out at any time or find out more by reading our cookie policy. He was beaming: he had found a wife who is ravishingly beautiful, engaging and now showing an early enthusiasm for hunting.

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Some British men, meanwhile, like some American women for one very specific reason. But really, what do these American heiresses see in British chaps? They now live together in Battersea.

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A quarterly pamphlet called Titled Americanspublished in New York, was particularly handy: part listing, part stud book, it detailed the Americans who had bagged a British toff and also listed those still available. She also happens to be a Holiday Inn heiress Lizzy's grandfather founded the hotel chain in Last summer, James Rothschild proposed to another pretty hotel scion, Nicky Hilton, while holidaying at Lake Como not that James necessarily needs another fortune.

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Gallery List. But then, more recently, Princes William and Harry came of age so dashingly and a new generation of American girls thought that they would quite like to marry a slightly shambolic Englishman. Stinking rich, all of them. While some American women may long to become a duchess, British men often like Americans because they are completely removed from all that. Consuelo was a railway heiress, as was Nancy; Mary Leiter's father, Levi, founded a retail empire; Mary Endicott came from a merchant family; and Jennie's father was a stock speculator.

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The only thing he isn't particularly fond of are the rattlesnakes. Ask them and you will variously be told: a sense of humour, that 'Richard Curtis thing', the 'cute' accent, a strong sense of family, manners, honesty, better dress sense - 'they can discuss tweed for hours! It is what every East Coast American girl aspires to. Clare Bennett. You won't have to justify her to your snotty friends. He never married.