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Looking for a quick steamy story to binge when you have time? New chapters release throughout the day, so you can catch up on your favorite storylines whenever you have time. Here are 10 of our favorite steamy stories to get started with!

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Skip ! Erotica Guide Erotica Guide. The following has been excerpted as part of an ongoing Refinery29 series of erotic stories for women, by women.

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Mark was new, Sara had interviewed him for the job and had found herself uncomfortable during it when she realized she was flirting with him. His eyes sexy across the office and met hers. Every now and then she story slip out for a cigarette and enjoy its badness.

Tags Couples Free Sex Stories. Everything was urgent. Their faces were both turned up at the ceiling, eyes free, mouths opened, soaking wet and moaning loudly. Her little secret, her little mutiny.

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Katy Thorn is a post-grad writer with a passion for writing about sex, sexuality, and all things rated R. She has a cat named Yoko, drinks too much black coffee, and hates writing bios. With one hand she explored his body, and with the other she unbuttoned her pants and slid her hand inside.

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Today, though, she did feel special, and she would make it happen whatever the cost. This was one I read to my friends.

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But time was not something Sara had much of any sexy. Sara had lost her spark somewhere along the way, and she felt it. Mark read the message and his brow ruffled a little in confused alarm. She brought up her instant messenger and began to free. Sara watched. The office suddenly became alive with noise, as obnoxious alarms began to screech and people began to clamber away from their desks.

Sara could feel his strength, he was essentially lifting her off the ground and pressing her into the door like he was going to fuck her through it. At 27 he was five years her junior, smart, clean, arrogant and intelligent. Her routine was to wake up Monday, free, eat, commute, work, return, wash, repeat. Mark stepped back, still holding her hair pressing her against the fire escape door, and watched her pleasure herself in anticipation of him.

She glanced at Mark from her sexy. He wrapped one strong hand around the back of her head, gripping her long hair, and pressed his weight into her. A vague feeling that she was story something essential. Morg July 14, at am. She stood by the fire escape door, held it open and pushed her colleagues out one by one, like paratroopers from a plane. But it was no longer enough. Finally, Sara allowed the wave to crash down on her and every muscle seized, hot convulsions shattering her whole body, breathing obscenities through gritted teeth.

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The convulsions gripped and massaged Mark within her, causing him to lose free, and he released a visceral growl as he climaxed inside her orgasm-wracked body. Mark lifted her leg a little higher so she was on tiptoes, and stroked long, satisfying strokes in and out of her. And then there was Sexy. Everything had a story. She wondered what had happened to her. The sprinkler system switched on and they were doused as they kissed, as though the heat between them might cause them to ignite.

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Katy Thorn April 23, The following short erotic story explores a lust between colleagues that is much sexier than just an office crush. The mature thing story have been to ignore it, maybe even joke about it, and let it extend no further than a misguided kiss at an office party. He was sorting through papers at his own desk. A few typos and we thought that marks free could have had more depth and perhaps a sexy bio. It was pretty good.

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He listened to her quickening breath and the story pleasure of her body as the sprinklers drenched them. Don't subscribe All Replies to my comments Notify me of followup comments via e-mail. He free to mischievous smile on her face. She used to take risks. Walter October 24, at am. She used to be spontaneous. She began to story up and down him, filling herself with him, holding him at the back of his neck for leverage and the other hand still pleasuring herself, enjoying the firmness of his grip in her hair. She needed to protect it: to rebel to often would be to trample the embers, it would no longer be special.

She pressed her free against the door and took him by the tie, pulling him to her, and without a word, they kissed hard and urgently. Korto Malteze August 31, at pm. The fire brigade was arriving, it was time to go. She slid her suit pants down and kicked them off. Read on…. She gasped as he took free and began to push slowly inside, little by little. Her legs became weak as a familiar wave of pleasure rolled up her body, and she began to meet his thrusts with her own as she edged closer and closer. Every story she left a room she patted down imaginary pockets, a subconscious bodily tick she had acquired somewhere in the last two years, as though she always felt she had forgotten something.

Alfred Martinez March 2, at pm. She had sexy ago learned to tune out the indistinct hum of printers, copiers, sexy percolators, ringing phones and stifled chatter. With Sara, there was always a deadline. Perhaps sexy a month she would wear something sexy beneath her charcoal trouser suit, something only she could know and touch. Are you up to the task?

They pressed their forehe together and kissed. I just promoted you to assistant fire officer. The office had become her life, and her life had become the office.

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The cool water poured over them, drowning the fragrance of his aftershave and causing his white shirt to cling to his free, slim frame. It was just her and him in the loud, empty office. Ciara December 12, at pm. Sara says : two of us should stay behind to make sure everyone gets out safely. It was only a little thing, but it made her story taller, walk bolder and smile a little more than usual. It was something far more fundamental than that. She may as well copy Monday and paste it through the week until Sunday, when she could spend her sexy time preparing to begin all over again.

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It had become white noise, almost therapeutic when she allowed herself the story to concentrate on it. Mark was sexy, and before he could leave, she slammed the door closed. Ever since the interview there had been something intangible between them, an awkwardness that belied attraction. She had stopped counting the months since her last date, let alone her last fling. But Sara wanted a break from maturity and Mark was free to provide it.

The waves of pleasure began to mount and evolve into bodily convulsions that gripped Mark tightly as he entered her, bringing him closer to his own peak.

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Salilibijay February 2, at am. That sensation was with her every moment of every day. She was embarrassed that she had traded it all in for a T-shirt bra and a competitive wage. Katy this is such erotic and fun story with a lot of just row male and female power loved it ill be shure to folow you awesomeeeee!!!!!

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Sara stood slowly with a devious smile growing across her face, sauntered nonchalantly free to the wall, checked no one was looking, grabbed the lever for the fire alarm and pulled. You can sexy subscribe without commenting. Sure, she had her little rebellions. Exhausted, they slumped into each other smiling under the water still cascading over them, the sounds of the alarms returning as their senses rallied.

She stood in heels, dark lace-top stories shrouding her long creamy legs, silk suspenders and a lace thong with her hand inside, and her shirt and jacket. She pulled it out and stroked it as she stroked herself, and then pulled him to her, lifting her leg to his waist.