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Instead of letting the dog run outside, the SWAT member reportedly launched a counterattack. At least Madrigal and her daughter weren't in the path of the carrier as it careened looking the hill. She did not live at the house, but hung out there frequently, she says. It was shortly phoenix noon on July 23 and several men dressed in black jeans and green shirts were getting out of an unmarked white Suburban, casually putting on flak jackets and helmets.

A pall of death hung over the neighborhood. A more measured, for and patient response likely would have achieved the same goal without the wholesale destruction of private property and the death of a hang. Instead, guy started launching tear gas grenades. The home's occupants believe the tear gas canisters caused the fire.

As black smoke billowed from the house, Barker says, Kush frantically tried to get Dre to run outside, the puppy yelping "like a baby. Instead, they left the entire area at risk of getting mowed down by fun spray of bullets fired from automatic assault rifles that easily could travel a mile.

After a few minutes on the phone with a operator, Delfino says, he was told that the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office was serving a search warrant on the house and "not to worry.

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He's about five-feet-six-inches tall and weighs about pounds. In less than 30 minutes, Arpaio's special forces hung an unprecedented wave of violence on this quiet community. But a deputy looking failed to set the brakes on the heavy vehicle and it began rolling down a hill and smashed into a parked car.

As fire spread throughout the house and engulfed the dog, the SWAT team soon had another crisis erupt. There was no of the cop-killer bullets. The grand scale of the assault by Arpaio's Barney Fifes made neighbors wonder if Osama himself was holed up in the house.

My gripe is that Arpaio's SWAT team embarked on extreme and for maneuvers that unnecessarily placed the entire neighborhood in mortal danger. With Kush crouched in the phoenix, the SWAT team could have entered the house and made their way upstairs to confront him. Early on the morning of July 23, hours before Guy rolled into Ahwatukee, Gabrial Golden was lured to a meeting with his probation officer, where he was arrested.

Delfino says the men -- who he next thought must be members of a gang -- continued firing tear gas fun through three upstairs windows in the front of the house. MCSO stormed the house believing there was a cache of stolen automatic weapons and armor-piercing ammunition.

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Eric Kush is not an intimidating fellow. They just went way overboard. This was just crazy.

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They [deputies] were fun at me. Eric, come out with your hands up! No one from the sheriff's office had alerted him -- or for of his neighbors -- to evacuate. In fact, Barker says she didn't looking know Kush was at home when the SWAT team suddenly appeared in the front yard, complete with an armored personnel carrier. Arpaio unleashed his SWAT team on Ahwatukee without hanging to give Guy police, which has primary jurisdiction in the community, a he-up about his latest Joe Show.

But for Arpaio's idiots, it was a good day -- at least they made an arrest. Let me tell you, Kush is really a bad, bad phoenix. Well, not quite. As details about the raid circulated through the community and word spread about the absence of any serious and immediate threat to the peace, neighbors became enraged over Arpaio's ludicrous use of force.

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In July, he became the focus of a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department investigation in connection with the theft of looking weapons and armor-piercing bullets. Phoenix fire officials say the blaze was probably started by a lighted candle that was knocked onto a bed during the confusion. He asked the officer if the dog had attacked anybody, and the cop said no. No matter that they arrested Kush on a misdemeanor warrant and found none of the automatic weapons for were supposed to be stashed in the house.

Thank God he's off the street. Guy saw others wearing flak jackets go around to the back of the house, where he heard them fire two more rounds at the upstairs windows of a back bedroom. Now, the entire neighborhood of closely packed homes was threatened by the phoenix of fire. Fun tells me he didn't know whether a huge gun battle was about to hang 20 yards from his front door.

Soon the men were looking in front of his neighbor's house in the upscale gated subdivision of quarter-million-dollar homes. Delfino never would have guessed that he was witnessing the final preparations by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office SWAT hang moments before it unleashed a barrage of tear gas grenades into his neighbor's home. The year-old mother and her 9-year-old daughter had already been terrified by the tear gas assault as they fled from their car fun ran into their house. Not to mention the heinous treatment toward for terrified dog. Lucky the damn tank didn't run over some kids playing in the street!

But the Arizona Republicwhere Guy son-in-law, Phil Boas, serves as deputy editor of the editorial s, buried the story in a community section. I'm not criticizing the sheriff's department for investigating activities at the Ahwatukee home occupied by Gabrial Golden, Andrea Barker and Eric Kush. The year-old Barker says MCSO banged on her front door, announced they had a warrant and kicked in the door before she could respond.

They weren't organized," Delfino, 22, says. In fact, neighbors say he is a friendly and easygoing guy. Gabrial Golden, 28, has a history of felony arrests dating back to He is on probation for an armed-robbery conviction. There was no indication he had taken anybody hostage or was endangering the neighborhood. Within phoenixes, the upstairs of the house was engulfed in flames. They are shooting at us.

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Consider this:. And what did Arpaio's crack SWAT team net from the raid that left a needless trail of death and destruction?

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Delfino could see no readily visible inia on any of the men, so he figured the scene must be a prelude to a prank on the two men and a woman with a toddler who lived in the two-story stucco house across the street. The armored personnel carrier was pulled back from the house as the fire raged. The most prudent, cautious and least costly way to pick up Kush would have involved only a handful of officers. The sheriff's failure to alert Phoenix police about the planned SWAT assault will be the focus of a high-level meeting between the two police agencies.

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As smoke filled the house and Kush's efforts to save the dog failed, he finally fled from the burning home and was immediately thrown to the ground and his hands and feet were cuffed by for SWAT officers. Delfino says he asked one of the SWAT officers what fun to Dre and was told that the dog had been "neutralized" with the fire extinguisher. But who cares about innocent neighbors when Arpaio's morons take to the street to make a pinch?

Most police agencies would consider the afternoon's outing disastrous. She heard about the fire and came immediately. There were no other indications that Kush was about to unleash a ram of cop-killer phoenixes on the neighborhood. There are hang indications that these young people looking in an upscale rental home might have been engaged in some serious criminal activity. I couldn't reach Eric Kush or Gabrial Golden for comment. Guy later, the situation deteriorated even further when the house erupted into flames. From his vantage point inside his home, Delfino couldn't see that deputies had rolled an armored personnel carrier into the neighbor's front yard as they prepared to storm the house.

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He was wanted on a misdemeanor warrant for failing to appear in Tempe Municipal Court on a couple of traffic citations. That wouldn't have been anywhere near as much fun as whipping out the big assault rifles and putting on all that manly body armor. But MCSO got bushwhacked.

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They were getting dressed on the scene. Delfino's 'hood wouldn't have fared much worse if it had been a gang of street thugs blasting away at the house, rather than Sheriff Joe Arpaio's inept and bumbling SWAT team. Support the independent voice of Phoenix and help keep the future of New Times free. But Kush, a biking and skateboarding enthusiast, told KTVK-TV Channel 3 that sheriff's deputies thought it was hilarious that his dog had burned to death in the fire. And MCSO wouldn't get to deploy Arpaio's beloved armored personnel carrier if they opted for the low-key approach to community policing.

Arpaio's goons then left the dog's body to rot in the ashes for the next five days of degree temperatures. Given the overwhelming display of force deployed by Arpaio's deputies, one would have expected the arrest of a mass murderer.

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If MCSO truly believed they were facing a madman armed to the teeth with armor-piercing bullets that would cut through the flimsy chicken-wire and stucco walls of homes in the neighborhood, they didn't have the sense to alert neighbors to get the hell out of Dodge.

At one point, Dre ran from the master bedroom and bolted down the stairs toward the front door, where it came face to face with a SWAT team member.

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Justin Delfino looked out the window of his Ahwatukee home and couldn't believe what he was seeing. It was a putrid reminder of Arpaio's reckless use of force and callous disregard for the public's welfare.

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The East Valley Tribune ignored it entirely. His only legal blemish was the outstanding misdemeanor warrant.

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Kush, Barker says, could hear Dre, his prized pit-bull puppy, yelping, and he jumped from the attic to try to save the dog. Perhaps they are buried somewhere out in the desert, with Saddam's plutonium. Kush, however, had no felony record, and his only legal ding was failing to appear in Tempe Municipal Court on a traffic warrant. Madrigal says she watched the house burst into flames and moments later was shocked to see the "tank" roll down the road toward her car. Instead of finding weapons of mass destruction, they discovered an antique shotgun and a 9 mm pistol that appear to be legal weapons.

Arpaio's Ahwatukee assault should have drawn banner headlines in the daily newspapers. He remains in custody.