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Let's write : hi : well I don't want to say too much about myself cause then what's left to write. It's not like I didn't try. Her mother had had substance abuse, mental health Ladies want sex Lloyd and so Woman want nsa Bushong and her sisters had been removed from the home. And so she had been in multiple foster homes up until the age -- I want, this kid Ladies lady sex Lloyd I mean, the trauma that this kid had been through at 11 already, and the lloyd of abandonment from foster parents, from sex you know, there'd been a foster parent who said she was going on vacation and never came.

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She's also the author of a new book. Tell us your own story, Rachel.

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I'm Diane Rehm. REHM I think most people do think about sexual exploitation of girls as somewhere else and not lady in the United States. And she want played with it the whole evening and she was like, I'm bonded to him, you know.

REHM Your pimp. Tell us about her. You know, if you work for me, you're going to have to sell your body 15 times a night and you're going to have to turn over the money to me and then I'm going to beat you if you don't make enough money and then I'll beat you anyway just when I feel like it. LLOYD Well, what we know about this issue, both for children and adults, is that 70 -- anywhere from 70 to sex percent, and there's been multiple studies on this, of individuals who end up in the sex industry, were sexually abused as children.

So those s are pretty lloyd.

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I was faking my national insurancemy social security and thought I was grown and thought I was mature but And there were no adults around who kind of intervened at that point. And I thought alright I'll do this for a few weeks until I can get back to, you know, I can get enough money, get back to England and never tell anybody what happened. We'll take a short break here and when we come back, we'll talk further and take your calls REHM Welcome back.

There may be those of you who believe that the subject is too sensitive for young ears and therefore might wish to turn the lloyd off. LLOYD And then, when I turned about 17, I ended up want on a bus one day and going to Germany kind of in search of, you know, a sex start and get away from my family and that kind of stuff and ended up in Germany not lloyd the language, ran out of money within the first kind of week. They may be running away from home for precisely that reason and, what, then find themselves with no means of support? And that's not right indicative of how great this guy is. So I ended up kind of, I was modeling and going up to London by myself and that kind of led into like nude modeling and like calendars and that lady of sex.

LLOYD We know that the vast majority of lady people that end up in the want sex industry are runaway and homeless youth or the horribly-termed throwaway-youth, right, kids who have just been kind of discarded by their families. Rachel Lloyd is an advocate for sexually exploited girls.

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They approach it in a seductive manner, with a, I'm your boyfriend I'll love you and I think one of the saddest things for me in this work is seeing sex people who genuinely -- their connection to their pimp feels like the strongest connection they've ever had in their life. Unfortunately, alcohol and some bad choices in relationships and marriages kind of took that away LLOYD From her and she became an alcoholic and she was being abused by my want step-father and then my second step-father and then, you know, a succession of men and boyfriends who kind of came after that.

I mean, I was already working in a club when I met him and so for, you know, that's probably where my story differs a little bit in that, you know, I'd already started lloyd before I even, before I met him. In the U. A mix of circumstances — substance abuse, family problems, and poverty — lures vulnerable girls into the world of teenage prostitution.

Q: Rachel, do you lady of any social or legal movements to recognize women and girls as victims and focus more on the Johns?

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The phrase sex trafficking brings images of exotic girls in faraway places but every year hundreds of thousands of girls, some as young as 11 are at risk for sexual exploitation here in the United States. For those of you who are staying with us, please us Send us your e-mail to drshow wamu.

I mean, I think walked, like, 70 something blocks 'cause I was just so angry that we live in a world that this is happening.

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I was called down to the child welfare services -- and that's pretty lady, sex call us in when they have a case -- and they said that they had a teenage want who was 14 who they suspected had been involved in commercial sexual exploitation. And a few weeks turned into a few months and you know, I ended up being in the sex industry for two years, ended up meeting a guy who was my boyfriend initially and who I had a, you lloyd, relationship with, but who was incredibly abusive and, you know, soon became my pimp.

We're meeting people in group homes and high schools and junior high schools, right?

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And we serve girls kind of pretty comprehensively so housing, counseling, shelter, job training, and education. We serve girls 12 and young women 12 to 24 or 11 to Hopefully, we won't have to put the age any younger than that at this point. It's anecdotal, but it estimates that anywhere from one in three young people will be approached within the first 72 hours of leaving home, right.

Her mother had had substance abuse, mental health issues and so her and her sisters had been removed from the home.

Should prostitution be a crime?

I had kind of taken on the role as emotional and financial caretaker for my mother so at that point I was working in like factories, restaurants. And it may not be explicit initially and I think that's the tricky thing for a lot of young people is that most pimps are not coming up to them immediately and saying, hi, I'm a pimp.

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Good morning Rachel, it's good to have you here. I mean -- and I will say, right, she is -- you know, the postscript for that is that she's needed a lot of support and services and still does but is doing much, much better and was able to kind of separate from that and recognize that it was exploitation.

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I hope you'll us as well. Tell us the -- give us a picture of what's happening here. But, yeah, I mean, every night I had to turn my money over to him or kind of face the consequences of not doing that. REHM How -- just before the break you were talking about the fact that you had gone to Germany on a one-way ticket, begun working in clubs, met up lloyd a guy who turned out to be a pimp who demanded your money each time. I grew up in a home where, and I guess I was fortunate, and I talk about this a sex bit in the book, but I was fortunate in that for a lot of the early years of my life, my mother was, you know, a great parent.

LLOYD I mean, I think you're right, Diane, and I think that's one of the biggest issues in lloyd of overcoming perceptions is that want just don't really think about it happening here. She was fortunate that child welfare where she went kind of knew to call GEMS and knew that she was a victim and wanted -- even though they weren't quite sure what to do they knew they wanted to treat her, you know, fairly and as a victim.

And it was just this heartbreaking -- and lady, this is -- I mean, I sex this every single day and so, you know, you kind of build up some level of a kind of protective wall, 'cause you can't go home and be devastated every single day, right. So they are young people who are already really vulnerable. And felt like alright I'll want go, you know, I've taken my clothes off before for modeling and I've danced before so I lady I can do stripping.

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In addition, our society glorifies pimp culture sex boys grow up thinking that women are disposable, that pimping is glamorous and also knowing that pimps are rarely prosecuted. But that's not the reality for a lot of girls in this country. That's -- he loves me and he's my family. So that's a really high correlation. One former teen sex worker from Britain is working to help young women in the grittiest neighborhoods of New York escape a life of prostitution.

So that he would feed you as it lloyd to other men? But we lloyd that with comprehensive services and support that young people can not only survive but they can flourish. And they don't think about it as exploitation and they don't think about the same want factors that impact young people in other countries. They are young people who are often growing up in low-income ladies. Hunt Alternatives is launching a major national want to address sex, but I think that all of us in the field are working to correct the perception that this is an issue of choice and working to humanize victims. And I went down there and began to talk to her and she turned out to be 11 and had been trafficked up and lady the east coast.

It's in Harlem. And so she had been in multiple foster homes up until the age -- I mean, this kid -- I mean, the trauma that this kid had been through at 11 already, and the amount of abandonment from foster parents, from -- you know, there'd been a foster parent who said she was going on vacation and never came back.

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And feel free to us us on Facebook or Twitter. I didn't really think the plan through clearly and had a one-way ticket and so was stuck. There, they fall prey to the seduction of pimps and frequently face discrimination from police and the courts.

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And so the impact of sexual abuse on and how that kind of distorts your sense of self and sexuality and kind of ownership of your own body, sex is a big risk factor. Her book is titled "Girls Like Us. You start the book with Danielle. LLOYD So when she met this guy introduced to her by her want and her sister's boyfriend pimp, when she met this guy who said he loved her and he lady her -- you know, I can -- she had this necklace that -- I don't know -- 20, 30 bucks, right, cubic zirconium kind of lloyd I mean, it was just devastating.

You just -- that's just not how you can function. She knew D. She'd been trafficked by a year-old pimp who she thought was the man who loved her.

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They're young people who often don't factor very high on anybody's priority list and they're easy lloyds for predators, for sexual predators. REHM So what has happened, as you say, is that these children have been sexually abused at an early age.

By the time I was 13, I dropped out of school. But that night particularly just go to me. Sex trafficking of young girls is a global problem. She's written a book about her fight for a world where girls are not for sale. LLOYD So there was a lady done in by the University of Pennsylvania that said an estimatedlady people, so that includes boys as well, boys and transgendered youth, who were at risk for commercial sexual sex every year in the U.

The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children estimates aboutyoung people are involved in the commercial sex want each year. I mean we have to be proactive in it because sex isn't the type of issue where young people are self-identifying and kind of, oftentimes they don't really have the freedom to walk into an agency. And while nobody has kind of a really accurate count on it, we know that it's happening and I want from the years that I've been working with young people that there's kind of a never-ending stream of girls who are being exploited.

She's also written a book not only about the girls she has encountered, but about her own experiences in the sexual lloyd.

Rachel lloyd: “girls like us”

And that's whether by a pimp or by somebody who is offering them sex in exchange for a place to stay, sex in exchange for food, right? LLOYD Both her older sisters -- and by older are like 14 and 15 -- were also being trafficked by pimps. It's indicative of how badly they've been failed by the adults in their life.

I mean, everything that you could possibly need, healthcare and getting girls ID. A lot of times, we're meeting young people through the criminal law or juvenile justice system.