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Looks fade.

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The answers were split down the middle. Half of the recipients used words like consideratefriendly, kind, amiable, generous. The other half opted for dull, unconfident, needy, weak, self-centredand clingy. The chap always believes he falls into group one. But to the girl, these very same acts make him appear unconfident, weak, and clingy.

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Finding these safe people or person is no easy task. Because of the fear of loneliness. We were both strangers to each other. And because of this it worked well in shifting the attention and blame towards my mother. When all these behaviors and actions are all combined together they become the ultimate attachment. It was an absolute must that I look my best every time I went out.

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In order to reveal his deepest darkest secrets and feelings to a person, a Nice guy must trust that person. The humor and sarcasm i would inject into my interactions seemed to make the people around me engaged and happy. Robert believes that society has conditioned Nice Guys to never upset a woman, and that explains why Nice Guys can be ultra-responsive to the moods and feelings of any woman.

My natural introverted self would prefer isolation which I still think is justified.

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There nice a still something deep inside me where I would believe that I would have to behave very smoothly in an interaction in order for people to like me. And it's the same for every Nice Guy out there. I was extremely nervous as I had never been on a blind date with someone I only had a minute of conversation with.

For I had my father constantly hounding my ass to convert my U. Because of the complicated the of documents required to convert the localI was highly discouraged to continue with the guy. Her lack of interest began making me feel more and more nervous, and on top of that it made me doubt what I could offer during the date. As a guy recovering from Nice Guy Syndrome, I can looking much identify with all the problems that Robert is addressing.

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And I stuck with that behavior because it seemed to make others approve of me. Naturally this value-seeking mindset carries over to how Nice Guys interact with women. I would do this so I would avoid the embarrassment of not knowing what to do. And this takes time. This is a result of a Nice Guy doing everything in order to win approval or avoid disapproval.

However, I was also making things difficult for myself in social situations. It was only after a couple of minutes did I start feeling very uncomfortable.

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He grew up believing with this core belief that he was bad, and he developed a toxic self-shame that he almost never wants to confront. It was about almost a year ago I went on a first date with a woman I had approached on the street. Nice guys will also develop a certain rage or resentment towards women.

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So what I did was invest in learning what to say, what to do in any possible interaction at all. But spending time alone can actually produce great benefits. It felt like my friendships with them were built on a lie.

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These attachments are certain behaviors or actions that the Nice Guy does because he thinks that it makes them worthy and valuable, especially in the eyes of others. This lack of diligence or laziness was a self-perceived flaw or shortcoming that I was desperate to hide. This perpetual state of anxiousness I began to feel was because that I constantly felt I had to respond to the emotions of the woman I was on a date with.

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And the classic Nice guy behavior of putting her thoughts and emotions on a pedestal. They were the that I was seeking help for my problems. I had no idea how they would react to what I was going through. Because of this, I made up a story about someone else owing me the right for to complete the process, and shifted slowness of the process onto someone else. I believed that as long as I kept doing things that made them feel good, I would continue being their good friend.

One big attachment I would commit myself to ly would be how well I nice and groomed myself. For Nice Guys, the ultimate form guy acceptance from a woman would be sex. The date started off with drinks ordered almost immediately, and standard opening conversation about our backgrounds. The Nice Guy believes that is not OK for him to be just as he is. Taking trips or retreats to places where no one knows you also helps a lot. I was blanking out and just staring at her. Spending time alone may seem daunting for anybody.

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Robert Glover defines attachments as value-seeking mechanisms. They will lie, manipulate the truth, tell partial truths, or even omit information. How can this core belief be broken? Unlearning behaviors backed by core beliefs can be the hardest thing to do. I believed that people recognizing me as a stylish and well-groomed person would increase my value and worthiness in their eyes. In fact, it is very difficult. The external validation I was hoping to get was from the people noticing the stylish outfit I always had on.

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Nice Guys are cover-up artists. As an introvert coping with loneliness and the desire for connection and love, I had built up many walls around my life. In response, I began feeling uncomfortable as well. Nice guys build up an of good acts or qualities that they believe will wipe clean any wrongdoings or mistakes that they make.

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And this seemed to make her uncomfortable. Sometimes when a Nice guy makes a mistake, someone will confront him about it.

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The more failed expectations that a Nice Guy experiences, the more intense his resentment would be. The reliance on attachments is built nice the belief that these attachments will continuously get the approval from other people. And that is being the Nice Guy. Which is why I stuck to for attachments i developed for so long.

A lie that came from Nice Guy attachments that I thought made me as a good friend to them. Whenever they can, Nice Guys will draw on the guy goodness so no one will notice the few self-perceived flaws that they have. And with this approval I would get the love I looking, all my needs met and have a problem-free life. I would purposely leave out details about struggles or procrastination just to avoid looking incompetent and lazy. All of my friends I opened up to were so relieved and happy for me that I could open up to them about my problems.

On top of that, I was extremely nervous that the woman had none or little interest in me at all. I would put in a lot of effort and money in buying the nicest and most stylish clothes, and the best grooming products. Lastly, being alone for extended periods of time will train the Nice Guy to deal with loneliness itself. I had no idea what to say next.

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I built up this of good acts just so others could see I was a good friend and never see the worst side of me. And it was easy for me to open up to her because I really needed someone to talk to. However, it was not the same with the close friends that I had in my life.

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In fact, I believed if my father saw my laziness self-perceived flaw in converting thethat I would experience some sort of hurt, shame or abandonment from his judgement. Because of this, the Nice Guy is forced to seek approval from almost everybody that he comes across. On top of that I was extremely nervous of him seeing my reluctance and procrastination.

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Robert calls this shame-dumping. How does he do this? The first safe person I was able to find was my therapist. A Nice Guy may have made a mistake and made someone upset, however instead of focusing on how to fix the mistake and avoid doing it again, a Nice guy will focus on making the person less upset. In order to feel The looking as he is, a Nice Guy needs to practice being who he is around people he feels safe with.

When I was around my friends, I would do my best to always make for they were having a good time when they were with me. Nice guys will do anything to hide their flaws. These guy could include:. I was nice checking for s whether she liked meor if she was responding well to what I was saying.