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These extremely attractive and filthy rich teenagers did everything horrible possible to each other as friends and enemies and still managed to get a happy ending and great ratings. All the characters lied, cheated, used substances, almost killed and actually killed someone and continued to throw each other under the bus.

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She became an object. They wanted to dress like her, classy yet attractive. For years, Blair and Serena had a beautiful friendship we have all envied.

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But somewhere, just like the show, she had lost herself. So it makes no sense at all that the one person who seriously and genuinely wanted a career simply forgets it. Blair was never so unsure of herself the way the show has been making her out to be this season. And even though she was battling demons on the inside, she was a queen. She has lost her identity and become a shipping magnet to fans.

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She was sneaky and mischievous, but she had wit like no other. She was her own self, unique.

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She no longer had this ambitious drive that made her different from the many girls in teen shows on TV. We were told she was intellectual many times this season, but they have never managed to show us that. And then all of a sudden, she became this woman who only wanted to be with a man but has no idea who.

I wanted to watch her scheme her way out of things or find her way to her best friends. Even though she was always with someone, her storyline revolved around her. She was bitchy and yet had a heart of gold.

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And then, out of nowhere, she became in love with Dan. I squealed very hard, though. She became a part of this shipping war called Dair vs.

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She was never meant to be born in a land so far away from TV Land! It has transformed into something else, a 2-minute interaction per episode.

Vote: once and for all, who is officially the worst character on gossip girl?

They wanted to talk like her, head held up high and words chosen so delicately. Girls around the world wanted to become her, dress like her.

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And now, just like the characters themselves, this friendship no longer exists. Lost between whom Blair belongs with, they forgot to write a story about her. I used to watch it because I wanted to see Blair kick ass in the episode. She was in love with him, or at least we thought so.

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Their friendship made the show and the two characters better. I get character development, I do. I mean, even Nate and Serena have careers right now.

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It had revolved around her dreams to go to Yale, her friction with her mother, her adorable friendship with Dorota, her insecurities with the way the world perceived her. Follow her on twitter: ClumsyHibz. Get more Gossip Girl Television Uncategorized.

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She wanted to have a family and marry someone from a prestigious family Nate, at the time but simultaneously wanted to become a powerful woman in her society even if by being a socialite. Heba could watch television forever. A strong, breathtaking queen.

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And every episode, that makes me love the show less. It exists in the minds of the writers themselves. Blair no longer became a character with utter determination and incredible intelligence. But character development basically means evolving your character, broadening their prospects — not transforming them to someone else.

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I bet none of you see Blair the way we all used to see her before. First, it was Louis.